Savasa Yoga Fitness Kit

Enhance your yoga journey with the Savasa Yoga Fitness Kit. The Savasa kit has everything you need to get started today with your yoga practice. The kit includes a 24-inch by 68-inch by 0.125-inch Essential yoga mat, yoga block, eight-foot yoga strap, and core strength body ball. The fitness kit also gives you a DVD to guide you on your path to fitness.

About Savasa
Savasa represents the essential nature of self and the universal force of potential and bridges the gap between what you used to dream about and what you can achieve. Savasa provides a premium value-added alternative specifically designed to meet the needs of yoga and pilates consumers of all levels. The Savasa product line is approved by the Wellness Advisory Council--a proprietary panel of authentic yoga and pilates instructors.

Customer Review: Love it!

When I first bought the savasa yoga fitness kit, I thought that it was just a couple of stretches and then I was done. But I really really works every muscle in my body! I do it every day! Don't get me wrong, it's not as easy as it looks but it feels nice the nest day when I'm sore all over knowing that I did something right. Anyone should buy this product! Ecspecially for the price!:)

Customer Review: Good kit for working out at home

The best thing about this kit is that it comes with a fitness ball AND yoga props for only a little bit more than the price of either alone. The DVD included with the kit has a yoga workout that's good (but definitely more advanced than beginner!) and a ball workout that's just plain excellent, at any level. I've enjoyed doing the ball workout over and over. The instructor is terrific, encouraging without being annoying. The included foot pump makes it easy to blow up the ball, and the ball hasn't lost much air at all despite repeated use in the month or so I've been using it. I've used the yoga props with other DVDs more suited to a beginner like me, and the mat is a good size and prevents slippage of bare feet. The strap and the brick are good quality. If anything, I sometimes wish I had another brick. I've found no fault with this kit at all -- great value for the price.

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